Giving “at home carers” – a voice


Petrie Hosken

I listened to a very moving radio program this morning. Petrie Hosken on national radio (16th April 4-5am) gave her program to carers who called in and told us what it was like to care for another at home – at this time.

Petrie told us that she have the program to them after speaking with a friend who was caring for her partner who had Parkinsons and was dementing. She had asked her friend how she was coping with the pandemic. Her friend replied that she’d never really thought about it.

There are many, we heard from some, for whom the loss of the freedoms we have experienced for three weeks, is a permanent feature of their lives. They have given up those freedoms voluntarily, so that the one they care for can live at home and not be put into an institution.

For this, they get no clap on Thursday nights. tThough their service keeps beds free and allows medical staff to focus on acute care, they get little financial assistance from the state. Without these people, the strain on our NHS would be perhaps intolerable.

But it was the voices of those who spoke on this program which I will take with me through today. For two men, the ability to relieve themselves of the stress made them cry.

To support such people I would pay more tax and I hope, when we come out of this pandemic, we will not allow their voices to fade away.

Thanks to Petrie Hosken who is a bright morning star!

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