Creating step-by-step guides for questions that are keeping a nation awake


Darshan Sanghrajka

“In the gloom, the gold gathers the light about it” – here’s some gold. Darshan Sanghrajka runs SuperBeingLabs which is an agency which promotes good things (like curing illnesses).  Here’s his idea.



Crowdsourcing answers to the questions keeping us up at night

The UK Govt is not doing a great job at giving us consistent information, let alone dealing with questions that so many people have.

Over the past week, before isolating, I’ve been talking and listening to as many people as possible (mainly online!) – gig economy workers, people on zero-hour contracts, people with little to no savings, people who have an illness, people who are carers for loved ones, people whose employers won’t let them work from home, and just basically anyone who is facing uncertainty.

Below I have listed questions I am coming across. (This list will of course grow but it’s one we can get started with.) 

I was hoping we could all work together to create step-by-step guides for each of these questions. We can only get to the bottom of this list if we crowdsource this knowledge.

Please, can you help?

I’ll then spend time editing things as they come in (and hoping together we can check it all before publishing – I’ve got some people lined up to fact-check everything too!) and turning them into easy to follow step-by-step guides that any outlet can use to help people.

This list is actually valid outside of Covid-19 too – these are answers to questions that are impacting millions of people, all this crisis has done is made it even more important to deal with this NOW.

The fact that the answers are so hard to find, just shows how there is no real safety net and people are coming together to create one. That knowledge, when shared, is going to give people a chance to sleep without worrying.

So, let’s collectively make it happen and then open this up so that any outlet can share this information.

Here’s what the readers of this blog can do;

If you aren’t familiar with google docs, select  the questions you have  answers to and send  an email to or put your  questions and answers in the comments page below this blog

If you use google docs – better still. Download the google doc from this link and share your answers in the boxes below the questions with Darshan.  If you come across any other questions – just add a column to the table on google docs and plonk it in there.

If you can help with this in any other way – drop Darshan an email at

Here’s Darshan’s list so far…

Thank you. The sooner we can get these answers out there, the better. Ideally, we can convince Govt to get a page together with all of this information but it will be easier if we collate it and then go to them with this. In the meantime, if we all have the right answers, we can help people around us. 

“What do I do if I am on a zero hours contract – how do I pay for stuff if I don’t get as many hours or can’t go to work?!”
“What do I do if my hours have been cut and I cannot make do?”
“What do I do if I can’t work? I have no savings and I have bills to pay?”
“What do I do if I’m self-employed and I’ve lost work for the next few months?”
“What do I do if I have symptoms and live in a small place where I can’t self-isolate?”
“What do I do if my child gets infected? There is no guidance on this.”
“What do if my partner is immunocompromised and they need me to look after them?”
“I can’t make my next rent payment, what do I do?”
“I can’t make my next mortgage payment, what do I do?”
“What do I if I run a very small business and work has been cancelled, and the next few months look uncertain? I don’t want to let go of anyone – there must be some support to steady the ship?”
“What do I do if I have to self-isolate and I have elderly parents to look after?”
“What do I do if I can’t get any food?”
“What do I do if my income doesn’t come in on time and then I get into arrears?”
“What do I do if someone I love is likely to need a hospital bed for ongoing treatment for existing conditions but now can’t either get a bed / or it’s too dangerous for them to be in a hospital where people are infected?”
“My employers won’t let me work from home but I know I should stay at home. What do I do?”
“My employers say that if I take time off, it has to come out of my holiday allowance”. 
“Someone I love has dementia and it’s breaking my heart to put them through this uncertainty when I can’t see them. Self-isolating isn’t easy!”
“What do you do if you live with/look after somebody 70+ when they have to self isolate?”


Thanks everyone!


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