Frightened and feeling vulnerable?

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The death of Caroline Flack will frighten many people. Her troubled life ended at 40 when she had so much more to offer. A meaningful response came from Scott Bryan (via Jo Cumbo).

I am quite sure that many of us will ask ourselves what purpose there is to our lives and be tempted to find no purpose at all.

But we do have purpose and special purpose, unique to us. We may feel frightened and vulnerable but we can support each other  like Jo and Scott have done.

News of Caroline Flack’s death is frightening. The next message I saw on twitter was from another dear Australian friend David Harris.  In this life-affirming video, I found a good reason to make a positive Sunday of it.

And if anyone has a doubt about what to do this morning, get to church- (or where your heart and creed tells you ) and pray for Caroline.

Pray for yourself and for many like you and her – frightened and vulnerable.

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