Why we can celebrate 74 years of peace

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Nobody wins wars, the only good thing that can come our of wars is peace and that is what we have  had  for 74 years. That should be celebrated as the lasting memorial of those who gave of themselves in those 30 mad years between 1914 and 1945.


Those of my generation knew of the war from parents who were children and grandparents who were adult – many of whom fought. Those who have chosen to serve in our armed forces have fought and many died but we have had no men conscripted since 1960.

I was born into the world at 10.58 on 11th November 1961, my father was present at my birth, my mother is excused if she broke the silence. My gratitude is to those who have kept peace on these shores in the intervening 58 years.

Yesterday I watched the men and women of the armed forces at the Lord Mayor’s show and applauded them. I was able to return home to a wonderful weekend of sport , time with my family and an opportunity to remember at 11 am today. We are enjoying the peace they gave us.

In the early hours of this morning I watched two men celebrate peace


Why we can celebrate peace.

We can celebrate peace today because we fought for tolerance and achieved a lasting settlement. That settlement has seen people come to our shores first from the Commonwealth, then from Europe and – where they seek refuge – from around the world.

Our nation is part of a global economy which frowns when we assert intolerance. Last week British debt was downgraded by Moodys because world markets see us as better together

We are now an integrated society as we were not in the last century. The diversity we have achieved and are achieving accross sexes, race and creed means that we are less divided inside of Britain and linked to other countries through family work and religion.

I am proud when I worship at my church that the flags of every country where Methodism flourishes are flown from the gallery and people from every country sit beside me in the pews.

We can celebrate peace because those from India and Africa, Germany and Japan are no longer strangers.

Let this peace last

We have given peace a chance and it has been a success. We are a better nation for being a peaceful nation and though many places around the world are still at war, the world is a better place for its great institutions of peace, the UN especially.

Today we can celebrate 74 years of peace and tomorrow I can celebrate 58 years where I did not need to fight as others did for me.

My profound gratitude goes to those who went before and those who serve so that I can live the rest of my life   شاء   in peace.

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