The threat of innovation to UK financial services


UK financial services is one of Britain’s great wealth generators. The FCA concluded in its asset management study that the average fund manager was working to a 36% margin. Ferraris and Lamborghinis provide commonplace transport to our financial elite and the nation regards the City with a mixture of awe and envy.

If the cherished lifestyles of those who succeed in our financial community are to be preserved, then we should oppose innovation at all cost. Innovation can only diminish what we value so greatly – the status quo.

Everywhere we look , from the high-street to hotels we see new technologies transferring value away from the executive to consumers. Regulators seem to condone the impact on our wealth-makers, encouraging governance that turns out to be primarily concerned with capping the salaries, bonuses and perks of those who ensure wealth is maintained within our sector.

What is even more deplorable is the democratisation of comment which allows bloggers such as the Pension Plowman to openly challenge received wisdom, the pillars of a society that works well for so many of us.

It really is time that people stopped supporting the serial disruptors and restore order in the delivery of information and value.

It is time to stop innovation for innovation’s sake and normalise society around our  value set.  This Pension PlayPen should be used for its proper purpose, to keep these disruptors at arms length.


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  1. con keating says:

    The reality is that the financial services industry creates almost no wealth – it does transfer massive amounts of other peoples’ wealth to itself.

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