Autumn on the river with the evergreen Langs

Family Lang.jpg

Family Lang celebrating Douglas’ 55th birthday yesterday


We have had a wonderful boating season, but I sense it may be drawing to a close. This Sunday morning the rain is pouring down and we will not be going out – my crew- rightly I suspect- have put a duvet day before a day in the rain!

Yesterday was our 62nd this summer, over 500 people have travelled on the boat between Windsor and Abingdon and the many highlights are shared on our Facebook page.

We’ve still got some trips to come and I look forward to sharing the glories of the Cliveden Reach, the Bounty, Boulters , Bray and Boveney with many more friends and – as importantly people who will stay friends into 2020 and beyond.

And I hope many of my pension friends will feel inclined to share time with me on the boat after watching this great video – thanks Professional Pensions/


If you want to join me in October or early November – please do.

The boat is for you, it is free and though I am happy with contributions towards the wine, PIMMs store or small contributions for fuel, none is expected. That means that anyone can come on Lady Lucy as long as you respect the boat and the river rules


Here is the link to book for the remainder of 2019


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