We’ve got our club back


Ballboygate is hardly the biggest issue of the day, but it got Yeovil Town on Talksport and 606 and meant that the magnificent run of 7 straight wins has been noticed. At the time of blogging no other club in the major English Leagues – apart from Liverpool can match that achievement.

I can’t pretend I’ve been following Yeovil quite as hard on the way down, as I did on the way up and I’m open to criticism of being a fair-weather fan. But my first visit to Huish Park in a while – last Saturday – was brilliant!

 Yeovil Town -keep calm

There is nothing quite like the exhileration of seeing your club do well and under new management with a new owner – that is what Yeovil are doing (at last!)

It really does feel that we’ve got our club back!

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  1. Derek Scott says:

    I do hope you bounce straight back, Henry. The National League is no place for teams with history. One of my teams, Carlisle United, managed the bounce in 2005, but only through the nervous play-offs. Better to bounce back as champions ….

  2. henry tapper says:

    I think there’s a good chance we can win this league.

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