Do politicians help?

Mike  Harrison sends us news of the latest Professional Pensions poll that aligns pension professionals with the rest of the country in considering politicians practically useless (at least until the end of the current bout of Brexititis)

Mad politicians disease is of course nothing new but seldom has the whole herd been affected as it is today. If we get as far as a Queen’s speech on October 14th expect her majesty to be interned at parliament’s pleasure for accepting the lies of her prime minister at face value.

I should not write with quite such levity, these are constitutional issues which will no doubt shape the future relationship between parliament, monarch and executive for a time to come, but to us pension pros there seems nothing coming out of Westminster than hot air. What the impact of these noxious gasses will be on the climate we can only wonder at.

Sticking to the matters in our hands – the two items that we believe remain in the Pensions Bill, which we are informed is in the eagerly anticipated Queen’s Speech are the Pensions Bill and the Pensions Dashboard, both of which we are promised will happen once the Bill is enacted early in 2020.

I am full of sympathy for both Royal Mail and MAPS who are respectively the agents of change. It is hard to run a business or a quango when the hand that rocks the cradle is waving like a wavey thing.

As for the Supreme Court ruling on prorogation – it was pensions what won it – or at least the gorgeous pouting Gina Miller – one of our own! Gina is characterised as a business woman in the popular press, to us she’s the MIFID queen , boldly outing her competitors who fail to fully disclose (their hidden charges).

So do we agree with almost a third of us professionals and reckon pensions would be better politician-lite? I suspect that the political system in this country is being tested and will prove the stronger for testing. My suspicion is based on my experience of disruption which at first tests , then breaks then rebuilds – but in the process engages. If we have a political system going forward that is driven by the likes of Gina Miller – I for one will get behind it.

For she has done what no other politician has done, and referred politicians to judgement. I am delighted to see the Supreme Court speaking the plain common sense that has been so lacking in political debate. I am not surprised at all to see those politicians on the wrong end of the judgement reacting in such a silly fashion.

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  1. John Mather says:

    It would be helpful if what is considered a fair and reasonable charge had a figure attached to it
    Perhaps as a reduction of the IRR

    How this is distributed to the professionals involved is another matter

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