Pitching to the world outside the bubble. How AgeWage is faring!

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Last night  I pitched to over 150 investors in the TechSpace in Luke Road, Shoreditch. The room was packed and the quality of pitching was high. We were up against a firm taking on the hegemony of Heinz Tomato Source, another used big data to help find our sleep-spot (literally helping us to fall asleep). Each pitch lasted 3 minutes and competed for the attention of private investors open to new ideas.

This is why I went crowd-funding. I don’t want another pensions business bankrolled by the pensions industry but for AgeWage to be genuinely independent of the financial institutions it works with. That way we have an investor base that isn’t part of the problem we are trying to solve and the freedom to speak and trade as suits our customers.

If you have never been to a Seedrs Pitch night – I’d recommend the experience, I have been to two, one as an observer, the next to sell my wares. It is not the dragons den, there are no show ponies, this is deeply serious.

The next Pitch night is May 22nd 

What is selling?

What is selling is recycling, low-emission, data driven business. What is selling is disruption of failing processes and what matters to investors is passion and commitment.

What is selling is innovation and entrepreneurial risk.

This is the foundry for the next Transact , Pension Bee or Nucleus.

And of course it’s where AgeWage loves to be.

AgeWage is selling and if you want a bit of the cake – you can buy it here



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