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After the giant stride of our first day, progress towards our funding target was slow yesterday.

We actually had more investors than on our first day, but amounts invested were small.

This is as it should be, when we said we wanted to source an investor base from the crowd, we meant it. We want a lot of small investors and even if you just want to buy one share (£16.50 or £11.55 after tax relief), you are very valuable to us.

It’s not just that we want lots of small shareholders (we do), but your presence on the Seedrs Nominee accounts – improves our standing on the AgeWage algorithm , making it easier for us to raise more money.

So inch by inch gets us there!

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll know that we’ve been sharing insights from people we work with at WeWork in London. Here’s the first of the little videos that we’ve been sharing with our Facebook page and on Instragram

Have a great Friday and if you haven’t invested with us yet – press this link!

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