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I , together with Chris Sier and a group of business minded pension experts am raising money for AgeWage.

You can help us achieve our goal of raising £200,000, ideally by April 5th (the financial year end).

All you have to do is click this link


As far as we are aware, pensions is virgin territory for the big crowd-funding platforms.

It’s a big step for our start up to be the first pension app to get its funding from the people that will be its customers and to be sure of success, we need the pump to be primed by you!

For as little as £16.50 you can buy a share in our company and seed the great things we plan to do.

Here they are

  • We will work with life companies, their IGCs – with master trusts and large DC company pensions and we will provide millions of people with an AgeWage score.agewage evolve 1
  • The scores will tell you how much value you’ve got for the money you’ve investedAgeWage evolve 2
  • When we’ve shown you how you’ve done, we’ll guide you to the choices you have aheadagewage evolve 3
  • We’ll make it clear how those choices will work for you.

Agewage evolve 4

  • We’ll equip you to make those choices and help you to a better AgeWage.

AgeWage is not here for the 6% of Britains who take financial advice.

We will actively promote the value of advice but we will not compete to be your advisor.

Instead we will provide you , through the AgeWage app with a way to understand what you’ve done, how you’re doing and what to do next.

I think you will agree that this is a bold and important business.

We are grateful to  the FT who have written about what we are doing.

We are grateful to our first round investors who have got us this far.

And now we are asking, humbly – for your money, whether £16.50 or £150,000.

Of course we’re going to make this easy for you, you’ll be investing into an EIS and that means that there are substantial tax-breaks. This business is eligible for EIS relief – providing qualifying investors with income tax relief of 30% of their investment and certain other tax reliefs. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change in future. Click to learn more.

So if you’re wanting to help us and be a part of the democratization of pension know-how press the link!



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