Different is normal

I don’t know this guy from Adam, but his post came accross my linked in feed and I thought “hell yeah” or whatever you’re supposed to think when viewing a linked in post.

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“I am normal – who are you?”

Here’s what Davy Hutton posted

Linked In can be guilty of showing us the falsities of just how much better everyone’s life is than our own.
Everyone is a super successful wealth creator, an entrepreneur, and a guru with the key to everything; all promising us the untold riches we alone don’t have.
Why don’t we try for once being a little more honest with each other and help each other along on our journey?
Why don’t we share the things we keep locked away and the inadequacies that we feel.?
We are all just a different shade of normal and these differences are completely normal. Well, here is some of my locked away stuff; I have suffered all my life with an anxiety issue stemming from a huge ‘imposter syndrome’ and a self perceived failure to fit in.
Everything I’ve ever done has been lucky in my eyes, everyone sees the ‘act’ input on, but in my eyes I have no talents and I am completely socially awkward and have been scared most of my life.
Let us see your normal, post a picture and encourage others to join us, nominate them if you think it will help. We can make a difference to so many normal people. I am normal, who are you? . hashtagDifferentIsNormal. https://lnkd.in/eWnxveX
henry and stella

Me and my missus following YTFC

That’s me being normal and I hope that Davy gets some support from others. It is a lonely business – feeling you don’t fit in. Davy fits in fine!

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  1. Peter Tompkins says:

    Good comment. I’ve just been reading Simon Hoggart’s “The Hamster That Loved Puccini” about all those Christmas round robins. Much of it is about those people who boast once a year about their perfect lives. Of course they are trying to impress and often the letter is relieving an anxiety or inferiority feeling along the way.

    We are all different and it can be difficult to get under the skin of people. I do find if I have a life tip for anyone that spending time with others is a great way to enrich your own life. It doesn’t have to be trekking the Sahara or climbing Kilimanjaro. It can be restoring a canal or helping in a village tidying project or anything really. Once you get talking you start to unravel the complexity of normality.

    Not sure quite how we bare our chests on our mood swings but I’m sure none of us has perfect ease with our way in the world at all times and it’s good to recognise that.

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