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AgeWage is on a mission. We want you to know about the money you’ve paid for retirement. This means knowing how much you’ve saved, how much your investments have grown and knowing what you’ve paid for that investment growth.


We’re not interested in teaching you how to become an investment expert, telling you about the complexities of pension products and blinding you with actuarial science. We want to keep things very simple and tell you about what you’ve got in numbers.


Every pension pot you own has an AgeWage number we can give it. The number is a value for money score out of 100, the higher the score the better. The number is made up of what you’ve paid, how it’s grown and what’s been taken out to manage your money. Of course you can have the details as well – but from what we’ve been hearing, most of you want that simple consolidated number to begin with.


No one has ever before set out to tell people the value for money they’ve got on their pension savings. This has been because until this year, you haven’t had the right to ask for the information we need to give you that score!


AgeWage is uniquely positioned to do this work for you, our future customer. We are and will continue to be

  1. Independent – our customer is always the saver, the person who gets to spend the pot
  2. Well managed – our team of experts are widely acclaimed for their integrity, experience and dedication
  3. Transparent – we will always share with you how we are paid and by whom


Being Independent, well managed and transparent is part of our mission, we will not deviate from these three values.



We have taken the decision we will not manage your money. We will not have an AgeWage wealth management solution and we don’t want to be owned by anyone who does!


Well Managed

We have a management team comprising Chris Sier, Henry Tapper, Ritesh Singhania and Andy Walker. We have an advisory team including John Quinlivan, John Mather and Con Keating. We have the benefit of shareholders who will contribute in time to delivering our mission.



Chris and Henry in particular have campaigned for transparency – themselves and as part of other initiatives. For instance Chris has Chaired the FCA’s Institutional Disclosure Working Group and Henry is a part of the Pensions Regulators stakeholder team, delivering transparency in regulation.

What we expect to achieve.


Most people build up a lot of pension baggage through their careers, we want you to be able to take control of your money by understanding how its been managed. If you don’t like what you see, we’ll allow you to compare alternatives. If you want to spend your savings, we’ll show you alternatives and allow you to choose what’s best for you.


We’ll also help pension providers to help you. We are already working with workplace pension providers – helping them to help you. We hope to improve the efficiency of auto-enrolment providers by helping you build one big pot rather than many small ones – this helps keep their costs down, which benefits everyone. We’re also helping insurers with what are called legacy pensions make sure these are giving value for money and – if they aren’t – make sure there’s a path for you to get your money into policies which give you better value.

This is the “how”, the “who” and the “what” about AgeWage.
You’ll see a lot happening with AgeWage but you won’t see much change in our mission!

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