I will be a Tapper-Tubby no longer!

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my man with a plan!


On Wednesday last week, my 86 year old Mum went into hospital and got herself a new knee. So she can keep walking another 86 years! I congratulate her- she is a hero! She has made me face up to a horrible fact – I am obese!

Today with great trepidation I went to my Doctor’s to see Nurse Rebecca. I think Nurse Rebecca very nice, even when she told me to shut up (I was very nervous).

I had got a call to go see Nurse Rebecca because I am over 55 and I need to be checked for heart attacks, diabetes and all those things that happen to blokes like me.

Nurse Rebecca , after shutting me up, took my height 1.91 and my weight 112kg. She told me that I was 22kg – about 46 lbs – OVERWEIGHT.

She asked me what exercise I did, I told her I watched the athletics on the TV on Sunday night and went to bed and cried.

She looked at me, like only a really great nurse can, with a look of outright contempt.  I don’t need sympathy,  I need a kick up the arse.

Thanks to John Ralfe!

Of course I knew I was fat, that kind man John Ralfe recently posted a picture of me on twitter that emphasised my tummy. I think his tweet was part of the process. John has since deleted the tweet and the comment – but I’ve kept it – because John’s abuse is always well-intentioned.

Yesterday , Ritesh, my CTO told me to get to the gym. Nurse Rebecca said the same thing.

This afternoon I joined the Golden Lane Gym and swimming club and I will be going there regularly.

I am saying all this because I really think I am letting myself down being so fat and I hope that other fat people will read this and get a grip. John Ralfe and Ritesh Singhania and Nurse Rebecca have shaken me up. I score over 10 on the fatty scale at the doctors and I had to have a blood test to check that I wasn’t going to explode (like Mr Creosote) when cycling around town.

I’m supposed to be a CEO and a Founder and a Director but I’m a Tapper-Tubby and that’s not good. I’m letting myself down, AgeWage down, Pension PlayPen down and First Actuarial down! Chris Sier is my Exec Chair and he’s a bloody black-belt in Judo.

I am also determined to beat Carsten “Fucking” Staehr in a road race before we reach 60.

I’ve got this bloke Ed Djafer on my back. Ed’s this personal trainer who’s been taunting me on social media and has promised to help me lose a few pounds

If you watch the video – you get the feeling he’s alright! Has anyone worked out with him?

The last time I felt like this was in 2010 when I gave up the fags. I beat the fags and I’ll beat the flab and don’t anyone tell me that I shouldn’t be blogging about this!

This blog is about my personal journey into pension freedom land. I am five years older than I should be (according to Nurse Rebecca). I’m damned if after spurning my CETV and not taking my tax free cash, I am going to die five years earlier than I should.

So this blog is for all the fatties out there – let’s get swimming and gyming and lay off the cakes and the booze thing!

Henry cheers

I’ll drink to that!

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  1. Adrian Boulding says:

    Good luck, it’s a long hard road but I’m sure you can do it


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