The Blowing Roses of Hurley

blowing roses

It may be hot, but Henley is particularly wonderful this year. It is as if someone had designed the weather.

Yesterday was about filming and fun and Pimms and random people enjoying the boat.

I have people inside this boat – asleep – as I type! I am sat outside – with this morning’s flowers – picked from the Hurley hedgerows.

I know there is a world apart from this – one where cars queue at traffic lights – but I have been on water for all but a few hours of the past three days and the bright lights I see are the flash of a Kingfisher or the sun as it moves above the trees here in the Mill Pond.

The people inside this boat, when they wake up, will need coffee for their Pimms Heads and they will need to be driven down to Remenham, where they will be pursuing onshore activities.

Meanwhile – a deep calm has emerged not just on the mill pond but within me. Long may it stay this way


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