The silence of the fans.


Due to the pressure of work, I was forced to watch last night’s game , slumped over a lap-top- trying to read a shareholder’s agreement. Though the TV was on, I was watching ITV HD which meant that the pub – the Cockpit- below me, got to react to their stream ITV non HD – two seconds before me.

So every nuance of the game, including the roars as our penalties went it, was relayed to me seconds before the action arrived on the box.

What surprised me was not the noise when things went right, but the silence when things went wrong (e.g. when Jordan Henderson was involved).

It is an oddity of human communication that complaints do not carry , but hallelujahs do.

Had England not won, I suspect that a deep and dreary calm would have descended over the City of London and over Britain as a whole.

As it is, I am on my boat with James Briggs and various chums of his. The world seems a sunny noisy place and Henley Royal Regatta is in full swing.

Somewhere in Columbia there is moaning – not loud but deep and long.

We know how that feels

henry singing

We sing when we’re winning

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