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I had a Fintechy sort of day yesterday, spending some of it at Boring Money’s Fintech day out in the luxury of Aviva’s basement cinema (well it felt like that).



The Fintechorama hosted by Holly Mackay was complimented by the announcement of the Fintech 50 , in Finsbury Square later in the day. Much to my delight, the blooming Romi Savova (6.5 weeks and counting) was present to pick up a gong as one of Europe’s top 50 and London’s hottest start-ups. Pension PlayPen is not a Fintech 50,  it looks up to its better funded cousins in admiration!

fintech 1`

Self indulgence or genuine innovation?

I had to test my reaction to what was going on – resorting to twitter poll

Fintech 2

I don’t think my poll included me, by the end of the day I could cast the deciding vote, I am a boring old fart.

High above Finsbury Square, craft lager in hand, I discussed with a youth sporting an unfeasible beard, the name for my new start up. He summed it up , telling me it was appealing in a boomer kind of way.

I may be sounding a little sceptical, but the chap – Jamie Campbell had featured in Holly’s fin-k tank promoting awareness of Bud – and had spoken a lot of sense.

People in Fintech who bore me are self-indulgent, they want to tell me what they’ve achieved for themselves or talk about their technology.

People in Fintech who interest me are innovators who want to tell me how they are solving problems and why those problems need to be solved.

I’m pleased to say that I met a lot of the innovators yesterday and precious few self- indulgent nit-wits. But that is why you go to conferences organised by Holly McKay and hob-nob with the Fintech great and good.

Fintech in London – in rude health

City Am reported yesterday

Over half of the 2018 Fintech50 are based in London, as it fights to keep its crown amid increasing competition from start-ups in cities like Berlin, Dublin, Amsterdam and Warsaw.

As well as being Europe’s Fintech capital, London is also heading up #Regtech and I heard for the second time in a few days, Anna Wallace explaining what Innovate and the FCA’s Sandbox is up to. It’s not just a sandbox, it’s a global sandbox.

My new mate Jamie had been out promoting not just Bud, but the help it had from the FCA’s Innovate in Singapore! Apparantly the FCA were helping 100 small businesses to every 7 the second -rate Singapore sandbox processed. I rather worried that Jamie might end up in Changi-jail if he ever went back, but his facial hair is growing at such an alarming rate, I doubt anyone would recognise him.

It is true, that London is considered Regtech capital if not of the world, at least our part of the world (we’ll leave the Americans out of it).

Now for Pentech. Where Romi leads, I will follow. Boring Money has inspired me (thanks Holly) and my loins are girded with the desire to do London and my country proud.

Pentech may lag Fintech, InsureTech and Regtech, but it is coming to a price comparison site near you!

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