Was this the face that launched a thousand Sipps?


Was this the face that launched a thousand sipps, and burnt the topless towers of Ilium? Sweet Mirrium , make me immortal with a kiss



Well we had a debate , not perhaps the debate that George, Derek or John had come to hear, but a debate about engagement and defaults and the like.


There was nothing in the debate that suggested to me that the pensions industry is in the slightest disrupted from its business as usual.

Maybe that discussions will seed further debate in the Institute of Scottish Accountants. I hope so.

Thanks to Merryn, who I hope will take this blog in good heart. Clare Reilly and I got stuck on Easyjet’s last flight out of Edinburgh and got back to London around 4pm.

I’m off to Maidstone to talk with the PLSA this morning and will be at County Hall at the DC strategic summit this pm.

We must not allow the main event to be by-passed. People need pensions – the rest is secondary.




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