Cauliflower steaks and their wrappers

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Marks & Spencer have withdrawn their Cauliflower Steak product after an outcry from the public that at £2.00 for a third of a cauliflower, it represented poor value compared to a whole cauliflower available at £1.00.

Today Mrs May is launching a 25 year plan to reduce the environmental damage created by overly packaged food- products. The Cauliflower Steak may have fallen foul of Mrs May’s campaign against wrappers!

Will Mrs May extend her campaign to financial wrappers?

Dressing up a commodity and re-selling at a premium price is what good marketeers do. It is what Hargreaves Lansdown do better than anyone, and the wrappers they use don’t do damage to the environment.

I mention HL because they have given CDC a hard time (very expertly). If I want to buy a share for £1.00, I can do so – but I have to do all the preparation myself. Or I can buy that share for (a notional) £2.50, wrapped up in Vantage.

I don’t mind paying lots of money for Vantage, so long as I’m getting value for money. That Hargreaves Lansdown are one of the most successful packagers of financial cauliflowers there has ever been – is beyond doubt. People value their wrapping.

However, I think Mrs May  right to encourage people to buy Cauliflowers whole (from the market) without the wrapper and at the lower price. People could use the saving to pay more into their retirement plans!

Marks & Spencer, Harrods Food Hall and Selfridges all give those who are affluent, the right to shop exclusively – knowing that the products are reassuringly expensive (except at about 6pm when the yellow-label brigade go shopping!).

Market stalls and Mark and Sparks can both flourish!


M&S v the Market Stall


But we need our market stalls, to provide good quality food , without the fancy packaging and at a price that “hard-working-families” can afford.

I will encourage the rich to shop at Hargreaves Lansdown – for much the same reason- you meat a nicer class of shopper on their sites.

Meanwhile, I’ll be shopping for my financial products, unwrapped and a little dirty, on the CDC market stall!

You can make your own mind up! Both my submission and Hargreaves Lansdown’s submission to the W&P Select Committee are on this blog. And they’re the only two published by the Work and Pensions Select Committee itself!

Incidentally my blog has got more negative votes than any other I have published!

Why Hargreaves Lansdown want to put out CDC’s little flame is beyond me, Market stalls are no threat to Marks and Sparks and CDC is no threat to Tom and his team in Bristol.

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