Advice to WTW, Aon, Mercer and the denounced.

Sit down- shut up!

This is my advice to WTW, Mercer and Aon who are facing the Competition and Market Authority’s probe into their behaviour as investment consultants.

They are reported in the FT “denouncing the FCA’s flawed report” that got them in this pickle

Mine is advice given to rival football fans when they are facing a penalty. It is good advice.Here’s another piece of advice

When you’re in a hole – stop digging,

And here’s some advice to the victims of bullying

From the Daily Mirror for “12 ways to beat bullies“. This should be read by  anyone who comes in contact with the “big three” in “denouncing” mode.

  1. Don’t become resigned to being a victim. You CAN help yourself and get others to help you
  2. TELL a friend what is happening. It will be harder for the bully to pick on you if you have a pal with you for support.
  3. TRY to ignore the bully or say “No!” really firmly, then walk away
  4. MOST bullied people have negative body language – hunched up and looking at the floor. Try to stand straight and make eye contact
  5. IF you don’t want to do something, don’t give in to pressure. Be firm. Remember, everyone has the right to say no.
  6. SIMPLY repeat a statement again and again: “No, you can’t have my lunch money, no, you can’t have my lunch money!” The bully will get bored because they are not getting anywhere and give up
  7. MAKE your phrase short and precise: Say “It’s my pencil.” or “Go away” firmly
  8. DON’T show that you are upset or angry. Bullies love to get a reaction – it’s “fun”. Keep calm and hide your emotions – the bully might get bored and leave you alone
  9. MAKE up funny or clever replies in advance. They don’t have to be brilliant, but it helps to have an answer ready. Practise saying them at home. If the bully says: “Give me your sweets,” you could say: “OK, but my dog licked them so they don’t taste very nice.”
  10. STOP thinking like a victim. If you have been bullied for a long time, you might start to believe what the bully says – that you’re ugly, awful and no one will ever like you. This is “victim-think”.
  11. MAKE a list of all the good things you can think of about yourself. Talk to yourself in a positive way. Say: “I may not look like a film star, but I’m good at maths and have a brilliant sense of humour.”
  12. KEEP a diary about what is happening. A written record of the bullying makes it much easier to prove what has been going on.

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6 Responses to Advice to WTW, Aon, Mercer and the denounced.

  1. John Mather says:

    Perhaps not shut up perhaps engage in constructive discussions. Look what happened to the IFA community when they buried their heads in the sand.

    If you look at why businesses decay it is often because those in power continue to imagine that you can introduce responsible moral behaviour with legislation or rules.

    In reality the result is to move the responsible towards where the irresponsible prosper. Which ultimately ends in revolution rather than evolution.

    Sociopaths ignore rules and we have a few of those one finger away from the nuclear button

  2. Alex says:

    what a terrible article. if it can even be called that. perhaps you should sit down and shut up

  3. Talking about football penalties – Raheem Sterling has invented the “Arabesque a Terre” – watch it in the Arsenal game – as well as two offsides.
    There is no real will for pension scheme trustees to change advisers. If you use one of the big three, and there is a cockup, your arse is covered. They know that – hence there is no real competition.
    I stopped bothering with this issue years ago.

  4. Derek Benstead says:

    “I may not look like a film star, but I’m good at maths and have a brilliant sense of humour.”

    I tell myself that all the time 🙂

  5. henry tapper says:

    You have the lips of Mick Jagger Derek

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