Making friends on the Thames!


The river Thames has been my home these past few days. On Thursday i had a great afternoon with Telefonica’s franchise team and for the past three nights I’ve been on Lady Lucy making our way up the Thames to Goring , Wallingford, Moulsford and Benson.

The Thames is particularly beautiful in late summer especially in the early morning.

These pictures were taking as some of our crew were still asleep. Stevie and I took the boat up to Wallingford from our moorings at the Leatherne Bottle in Cleeve. The pictures at the top capture the calm we felt as we glided over the 5 mile stretch.

Chris is a Jamaican friend who I met on Linked in and who signed up with his partner Chrissie Chrissie Woo , on eventbrite.

I’m encouraging Steve, who’s just become a TFL pensioner to start talking more to his peers about the value of pensions. He is a great ambassador for TPAS and Pension Wise, an enthusiast for restoring confidence in pensions!

I’m increasingly falling for new people through the random selection of social media. I am not sure it is random – I think the people who share, meet others who have the same way of thinking.

Here’s me and Stevie


And here’s me and Chrissie!


It’s breakfast time at Wallingford.

We’d also had the company of Ash, who some pension readers will know as that smart actuary who works at Capita.


Ash wasn’t smart enough to stay the night up river and had to take the train home. Chrissie , me and Stevie messed around finding a mooring in Goring and then slipped through Cleeve lock and moored up at the Leatherne Bottle pub. Well it’s more a posh Italian restaurant these days, but they let us drink some wine in return for a night on their posh riverfront.

I hope Stevie and Chrissie enjoyed it as much as I they said they did. Steve’s a former boxer and he’s spent most of his 50 years helping young Caribbean kids in south London. Chrissie works for Apple and she’s a hard headed business woman. They live in the Royal Borough of Greenwich or as they more simply put it – Abbey Wood!

Abbey Wood and Maidenhead, where we started our trip will share a railway from next year. Crossrail brings people together like Linked in!

Today I’m looking out from my window in Eton at Windsor Castle, swans and geese are sitting below me – waiting for me to throw them the little remaining bread from our trip.

I will be going up shortly to Carnival to continue my Carribean bank holiday with some more friends. It looks like being the hottest Bank Holiday on record.

If you want to share in the fun, you should join the Pension Play Pen linked in group, or simply go to the booking page for Lady Lucy’s summer (and autumn) boat trips. As long as you are happy to share yourselves, I’m happy to share this lovely boat without any cost attaching!

I hope you are having a wonderful bank holiday, if you are sorry you didn’t come on the boat this weekend, make sure you come at the next date you find on the drop down here


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