Real people and boats

Lady Lucy Colin 5

our top helmsperson!

colin 15

Colin – who brought everyone together!




I’ve been spending too much of my time with my head up Mr Pension’s backside. Last summer, after spending a lot of money doing  Lady Lucy up,  I decided it was time to invite people on the boat who weren’t related to Mr Pension and who were coming because they don’t get Mr Pension’s munificence (conferences, hospitality, high-salaries etc.)

I put the outing schedule on Eventbrite and a whole load of people have been on the boat who I didn’t know but want to know in future.

lady lucy Colin 3

Lolly -licious!


Here are some new friends after we’d been eating electric-blue lollies at Hambledon lock!

Here are some new friends having fun at the back of the boat

Lady lucy colin 2

On the regatta course


Here’s us going through Marsh Lock on the way to Sonning

LAdy lucy colin

Team work at Marsh lock


It rained a bit in the morning and many of the roads in Berkshire were flooded, just as well we had a boat!


flooded roads

By the time we got to Henley it was hard to tell river from road

Colin 1

Some drunk responsibly

colin 8

Some hid their drinking

colin 5

And some just got drunk!

colin 7

Everyone took their turn in the wheelhouse

colin 6

to general derision

colin 18

or to keep the boat moving

Colin 2

Pimms going down well – lads!


Thanks to Colin and his party and to all the other great people who’ve just turned up and made this summer such a blast! Lady Lucy awaits any good-meaning people who want to have real fun!

lady lucy latest

Whether you work in pensions or you don’t , Lady Lucy is a free amenity for your pleasure this summer. I think sharing is everything so I’m using social media to share my boat,  if you’re reading this – you’re invited! There are plenty of spaces for the rest of the year!

Lady Lucy Colin 4

The sun came out from time to time

colin 19

We all mucked in but Eugenie led the partying!

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  1. Fabulous

  2. John Mather says:

    Very generous and a great way of sharing keep up the good work

    John & Martha

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