No time for anger – we kill hate with love.


Geoff Ho – we wish him well

If anyone thinks the way to sort the mad-dogs is to fight terror with terror – then watch One Love (and watch it again). Willy waggling of the “enough is enough” variety looks and sounds pathetic. Joe Strummer sang that the British Army were waiting outside , but he was the white man in the Palais, “only looking for fun”.

There was fun a plenty at Old Trafford last night. Take that played for the Mums, Liam Gallagher and Chris Martin for the Dads. But the gig was run by the young mainly female audience and by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. It was great to see these American heroes over here. If anyone can repair the damage being done by Trump it is them.

There was nothing angry about One Love Manchester. Bieber was particularly impressive in calling for Christian virtues of honour and forgiveness.  How can we possibly control the carnage that happened on London Bridge and Borough Market with controls on the internet or internment? We can kill hate with love, the message that Manchester has broadcast since the night of Grande’s original gig.

I sat watching the goggle-box in awe, so proud that we could produce something so utterly brilliant as last night’s gig within days of an atrocity.  I am so proud that this was for kids by kids and that their message of love and “bright energy” won through.

I am very proud for Manchester, as I am proud this morning to be a Londoner. I heard some “expert” say that the election was too great a temptation for the terrorist and that we could not protect every polling booth. What a chump! I do not want to die, or be maimed, nor do I want that on my neighbour. But I am not giving up my right to vote out of base cowardice in the face of a miniscule threat from the thugs.

Terrorism has no race or religion, the knife wielders are representing nothing but hate. I hope that we will see more not less people voting on Thursday,  we will kill them with out love not our hate or our fear. There was no fear in Manchester.

The Pension Play Pen lunch is 12 for 12.30 this afternoon at the Counting House Cornhill 200 yards East of Bank, 400 yards north of London Bridge. We will be discussing “is politics good or bad for pensions” though I suspect we may be thanking our stars and saying a prayer for Geoff Ho.


Further reading

Here is the Mirror’s tribute to Geoff, we wish him well in his recovery

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