If it could go wrong – it did go wrong – a cracking night at Windsor races!

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Back in 95 Windsor even had jumping!


We all had a cracking night at the Windsor Races last night!

  1. The Plowman was  bamboozled by the ticket website and ended up buying twice as many tickets as we needed.
  2. Most of our party were stranded at Waterloo station when a train got stuck on the points at Queenstown Road
  3. The meeting was abandoned half way through for the second year in running because of unsafe riding conditions
  4. Having had a couple, we returned to London on a train where SW trains had disabled the toilets!

That we still had a good time is due to the good nature and tolerance of our large party, arranged by E O’Connor – may thanks Eamonn.

It was also made very pleasant by the staff at Royal Windsor Reception who could not have been nicer about our super-abundance of tickets! Thanks too to the staff on the course and in the bars who were great throughout. Windsor races

Questions remain to be answered by those who run Windsor as to whether they are competent to do so. For the owners and trainers of the horses in the last three races – this was pretty bad news – for the jockeys – including Joe Egan who fell off- abandonment was the only option. The course will have some explaining to do to the BHA executive.

Question also must  be asked of South West Trains,  they have done the decent thing and handed the franchise on to GWR from October, but there seems no end to the misery (especially at weekends) for those who travel the London Waterloo – Windsor line.

Here’s to things getting better!

There is nothing so good as a jolly to Windsor on a Monday night, it has become a ritual not just for those who live in Berkshire but thousands of Londoners who come down on the train and the boat to the course.

Let’s hope that Windsor don’t have any more mishaps and that South West Trains and Network Rail get their acts together! We have a super summer ahead of us and I look forward to advertising a free night at the racecourse to 8 happy punters later in the year!

Report of the evening in the Racing Post ; https://www.racingpost.com/news/news/windsor-meeting-abandoned-for-second-year-in-a-row-over-bend-fears/285699

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