Get a grip and a sense of humour


The sky is full of helicopters and the streets wail with sirens. It is 9 am on the morning after the latest “terrorist” attack and Westminster and the City are on red alert.

One nutter decided to go on the rampage driving down a wide pavement on Westminster Bridge and injured 40 people, he managed to kill three. The nutter then drove his car into the railings outside parliament and killed a policeman with a knife.

Frankly, London should get a grip, the car wasn’t loaded with high explosives, no lethal gas was emitted and the “terrorist” doesn’t appear to have had a gun.

Maximum fuss.

Twitter shows a woman sitting on a pile of bricks , the morning after the blitz

Facebook has a list of my Friends telling me that “they’re safe”.

Get a grip – and a sense of humour.

This is not war

In the eighties terrorism was organised. If you wanted to get out of some pubs in Kilburn and Shepherds Bush, you made a donation to the Fenian collection.

The IRA bombing campaigns were not just well organised, they were well executed and caused extreme disruption.

We were at war with the IRA and if you worked in the City, you were under threat. A glass window fell through the roof of my car when Bishopsgate was bombed.

By contrast, we are facing what Ronald Reagan correctly called

the strangest collection of misfits, Looney Tunes and squalid criminals since the advent of the Third Reich

Reagan was right to be both bold and funny. The one weapon that we have at our disposal is our great British Sense of Humour!

I will not laugh about the deaths or about the injuries, but I am laughing at our over-reaction!

There is more risk of me cycling over Blackfriars Bridge than of being caught up in one of these attacks. The random killer who desperately attacks the public is not the product of a diseased society or of a holy war or even a lack of opportunity. This idiot was deprived of reason.

No free-pass to the heavenly virgins.

Last night I went to see three hours of cursing, substance abuse and sexual violence with Imelda Staunton starring in Albee’s “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf. The theatre was half a mile from Westminster. It was full, we laughed a lot.

People still do laugh, and they man and woman up and they just get on with it.

The markets trade as usual, we go to work and we have fun.

Meanwhile the miserable “terrorists” plotting their next incursion into sanity are taken seriously by the army of pundits that appear on our TV and radio stations.

What we saw yesterday was nothing like the Blitz, or even the IRA bombings. It had the tragical/comical/farcical features of the anarchists in Joseph Conrad’s “Secret Agent”.

The only person who should take this idiot seriously is himself. He’s got a bit of explaining to do before he meets his four and twenty virgins.


When we lose our sense of fun- we’ll know the terrorist has won

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