Heaven knows I’m miserable now!


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Soaring financial insecurity hitting productivity research finds.

This has to be one of the least substantiated claims to have appeared in the serious press lately. It’s source ( https://www.corporate-adviser.com/soaring-financial-insecurity-hitting-productivity-research-finds/ ).

The claim’s built around research carried out  by Met Life’s  UK Employee Benefits Trends Study 2017. I can find nothing about this survey on any of MetLife’s websites so will have to take John Greenwood’s word for it.

But just what is the basis for this extraordinary statement?

Soaring anxiety over financial wellness is hitting the productivity of UK workers, with concerns over credit card debt, protection against debt and affordability of school fees increasing by more than 50 per cent in two years, new research has found.

I’m pretty sure that people are anxious about money but about “financial wellness”? What exactly is “protection against debt?” and what has happened over the past 24 months to make school fees seem unaffordable?

If you read the article, you’d think this was 2008 all over again. Thankfully , this new-found financial insecurity is matched by a new-found supply of EAPs. I had to look them up and they turn out to be Employee Assistance Plans. Nor will it surprise you that EAPs (as well as Grief Counselling) are available from Met Life.

Well I guess it’s time I collapsed in a heap about the potential for everything to go wrong again. I’ve been living in a fool’s paradise in which headlines such as “full employment”, “low interest rates”, “best GDP in OECD” and “highest GDP growth of any major economy to 2050” are obviously fake news.

What I should have been doing all this time was installing some grief counselling and a Met Life Employee Assistance Plan to cope with the nightmare time we are all having at work.

Silly me!


BUY HERE;  https://www.metlife.com/business/benefit-products/group-benefits/voluntary-life-insurance/additional-benefits.html



fake news++++fake news++++fake news++++fake news++++fake news


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2 Responses to Heaven knows I’m miserable now!

  1. Mike Lacey says:

    To be fair, Henry, EAPs can be very valuable.

    They give employees access to legal advice which can be useful if, say, you have an employer who is treating you badly. They can also provide guidance should people feel they are suffering from stress. All totally confidential and without employer involvement.

  2. henry tapper says:

    I am all ears – where is this report of Met Life’s though?

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