Archdeacon Blue – and me in the poo!


He’s in the swing.

God moves in mysterious ways and he got me this morning. I’ve been skiving off the early morning Thursday services at St Andrews By the Wardrobe. Our vicar is  archdeacon Luke Miller – we bump into each other awkwardly outside his house by the church or in the Cockpit.


Outside the vicarage


This morning it was raining and I ran past the vicarage, heading for the Wesley Chapel on the other side of the City when God moved in a mysterious way. Rounding the back of the church I skidded on a huge pile of wet pigeon poo and landed bottom first in the shit! Just by this sign….


Site of the shit-show more like



It took some explaining , getting into the toilets at the Grange Hotel. I looked like I had another kind of accident. I was late for chapel and it was a really long service and I had to kneel at the communion rail and it was so embarrassing!

My famous blue raincoat is recovered and drying off in the airing cupboard after a good wash. My pink trousers are also recovering. I know the archdeacon is behind this. I promise to be good from now on!


Archdeacon blue

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