Seeing beyond.

I was wondering down a valley in Gran Canaria and came accross Fortaleza de Ansite.

What appeared a black hole in a rock face, became a magnificent vista of sky clouds and the fertile hills beyond.


It seemed that something that had been obscure, had become clear. The few rocks I clambered over to get to the cave had taken me to a platform that allowed me to see clearly.

It is a morning when America seems to have reached a crossroads while Britain struggles to come to terms with the change of direction it took just a few months ago.

It’s also a morning when I am thinking of the important financial decisions I have taken over the past few weeks.  These decisions  will determine how my finances  are organised in the second half of my life.


On one occasion yesterday I was very high and came to a crossroads so covered in mist and obscured by rain that I could hardly read what was written. The four paths leading away from me led only to whiteness. It was easy to turn back and not reach my destination, to climb down the slippery rocks up which I had scrambled. But I went on- trusting in my skimpy map and was rewarded with great views and a clear way home.

But my favorite moment from my walks has been a meal I ate opposite a broken tree.


There is a crack.a crack in everything, that’s now the light gets in.

People who think the sky is falling on our heads, had better remember that!


NOW: for the journey

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