How Payman helps clients to choose pensions.

Payman is run by Craig Parsons. His uncle- Jim- is a veteran of payroll and started the business. Payman has reached out to many small employers in and around Frome  in Somerset to make sure they comply with auto-enrolment and do the right thing by their staff. Here is what Craig wrote us.




As a payroll bureau, we are not allowed to advise our clients on which pension provider to choose for their Auto-Enrolment needs. We want our clients to have the most suitable for their business. When we found out about Henry and Pension PlayPen, it was such a relief for us and our clients that there was someone out there to guide and help pick a scheme.

All our clients know about Pension PlayPen. Part of our Auto-Enrolment process with our clients is to discuss Pension PlayPen first. The client can then decide on the important aspects of the pension before making a more educated choice on pension provider and scheme. They are then provided with an Actuarial certificate at the end of the process to show they have done their due diligence. Without a doubt, Pension PlayPen is a must for all companies unsure on which pension provider to use for Auto-Enrolment.


Craig Parsons MCIPP

Managing Director

craig parsons

Craig Parsons




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Founder of the Pension PlayPen,, partner of Stella, father of Olly . I am the Pension Plowman
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2 Responses to How Payman helps clients to choose pensions.

  1. Kate Upcraft says:

    Whilst it’s great that Craig is promoting pension playpen to his clients why does he think ‘he’s not allowed to advise’? TPR and the FCA have been clear that this is not regulated advice as it’s business to business so for a start he might have only certain providers his payroll software works with or might want to restrict his clients to a stable of say a dozen providers so he can manage his AE workload

    • Jim Parsons says:

      Probably because I, although trained in Payroll, Pensions and Personnel and employed within those areas for over 50 years was informed that I was not Qualified to give advice on Pensions under the Financial Services Act. I therefore steered all clients to qualified/supervised IFA’s for any Pension’s advice. Craig, with less experience than I in pensions is continuing to follow the sensible path and directing clients to experts in the field. He is free then to concentrate on providing an excellent Payroll Service.

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