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The following mail has been sent to me by Shazid Sarwar. Shazid is alive and looking for work in London. He has a linked in profile. His splendid CV boasts spells at Hymans Robertsons, Watson Wyatt and Paymaster 1836 so he should be well know to many readers.


Shazid Sarwar (in the booth)

Charles Dickens could not have invented this fellow, he is without doubt the most comical character I have yet to meet on the world wide web

Dear Sir or Madam,

Ref President CEO Chairman Financial Management Consultancy Jobs in Surrey Sussex London

I take it upon myself to bring to your attention;, that I notably highlight, that I am a exceptional member of the world of Industry Management Financial Consultancy, today nearly 50% the way through life,. I have further decided to tell you that i have as accredited prior talent, being a successful business consultant;,  of 80s; and 90s; and 2000s;.  Working as a Management Financial Consultant with a Ivy League MBA plus ABC Grades for my Masters Degree. 


I have worked for companies that to Toyota GB Limited Head Offices; Monotype International Marketing Division Head Offices; Lombards SBUs; Abbey National Consultancy Teams;,.  Further i add that i completed a study of Economics at the world class University of Sussex.  Additionally i have ownership to a BAHonoursLaws Degree from the Open University College of Laws.


I am leading with the state of the art business C Suite Leadership commerce proposal: to offer;, ‘monetizing fiscal techniques’, to establish profits for your bottom line and financial knowledge.  These business techniques would be taken up in the longest objective based determinates for your Corporate Business and Customer Base.


We can discuss a daily fee but as a guideline the market focused variable fee is £25million to £55million plus per day.


My liaison details are as follows: Email shazidsarwar@aol.com


I thank you in advance and look to your email reply.


Yours Sincerely


Shazid Sarwar BAHonsLaws MBA

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