London 0 Hull 4

Hull’s not been much in my mind lately, which is bad because Hull and Grimsby are places that I like very much. But all of a sudden, Hull has taken over – like the Housemartins said


I took the bus down to Somerset House with my friend Jenny


Jenny Davidson – almost blue

Paul Heaton wore an anorak – which was odd.


Jacqui Abbott wore a jumper – which wasn’t


The night was a little silly

heaton 16

But we all had a really good time

heaton 17


Preparations were underway for #seaofhull, where Hull’s waterways were brought back to the town via a sea of people dressed mainly in blue paint.


correction – dressed only in blue paint


and they really did make a human waterway


Which is even better than what happened in London last night!


Forget the northern powerhouse- how about the northern funhouse.

Hull is great, Humberside is great, the north east is great and that’s where I’m off to today

Funny that!

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