Springsteen in the City #Springsteenwembley

Bruce Springsteen Tour - Perth

The Boss was back and so long as you were reasonably close to the stage last night, you heard a great concert and saw the great man up close and personal as he found his way out into the audience.

He was great, Wembley stadium – for all its toilets – isn’t! But we had a blinding time.

My good mate Andy Walker appears to have had a VIP pass which got him back stage. He’s supposed to be meeting me at 9 am this morning , but I don’t suppose he’ll show and I don’t suppose I want him to! Neither of us will be in good state for a discussion on Cyber Insurance.

Bruce Springsteen Tour - Perth

If you were there, you may want to remember the set list – here it is. If you weren’t here are some photos of what was going on.

The man is 66, he played for over 200 minutes without a break and he sang every song.

Bruce Springsteen Tour - Perth

Huge thanks to Pete and Barbara for getting me the ticket! Love you forever.

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  1. I was lucky enough to be there too Henry, you’ve snapped some brilliant pictures!

  2. henry tapper says:

    If only Andy… great show eh!

  3. Kids like us, maybe we were born to run…..

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