Partying without John (a tribute to John Broker)

John Broker

Fondly remembered


John Broker died last week from a freak accident that cut short a blessed life. John was not only a very good business man but a great partygoer, indeed he could create a party by simply being in the room. He was a giving person.

I missed him terribly last night.

I spoke with one person at the Professional Pensions Awards last night who told me

John’s spirit is in the room

I was only one of hundreds of people who could call John a friend, I don’t know any who would call him their enemy.

In the week since his death, the book placed in ITM’s offices by his wife has filled with tributes. If you want to write in it, just phone ITM and book a time to go to Mincing Lane.

If you can’t get to London and would like to leave a public statement about John, you can use the comments box below.

Last night was a great night of partying, John would have loved it, I hope that his spirit was in the room.

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2 Responses to Partying without John (a tribute to John Broker)

  1. Terrible news, John was a great pensions professional whom I was privileged to work with on data projects with a former employer. He knew his stuff and was a joy to work with. RIP John Broker.

  2. paul hammond says:

    shocking news about john, I hadn’t seen him in a while , but that’s the way I guess
    I went to school with john and always got on well together, used to walk the same way home and sometimes get invited in to have a bash on his drum kit , he was never with a set of drum sticks or a bobble hat
    then after we left school had a few years of learning how to drink beer together, some fond memories’
    so will say good bye to you tomorrow mate,
    sad it had to be like this,
    take care jonny boy and sleep well old pal
    Handbag !!

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