Andrew and Christy Walker – a wonderful wedding!


My very good friend and work colleague Andrew Walker got married yesterday to the delightful Christy in Eton College chapel.

It’s an extraordinary story of how this came to be since Andrew did not go to Eton and I suspect has been a stranger to Chapels for most of his life. In the end he had to get permission from the Archbishop of Canterbury – a permission read out before the service.

Here are some photos of the service. I didn’t get any of the wedding breakfast across the road, I hope that someone captured Christy’s wonderful singing with the band.

It is wonderful to see these two great people married. Andy and Christy Walker- we are very proud of you and grateful for making it such a wonderful day- not just for you- but for all of us!

Eton - andy -wedding Eton 4 Eton 45 Eton andy ETon butler Eton crew eton vicar Eton

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    Stella is beautiful. Glad she found an outfit

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