“Astonishing” – “yes you are”!

Group hug
Nigel Farage; “astonishing!”

Nicola Sturgeon; “yes you are!”

Last night’s debate provided the best quip of the election so far and it came from Nicola Sturgeon who out Faraged Farage for incredulity.

This of course was Cameron’s reason for not showing up, he wanted to see his opponents wipe out in a demolition derby,

Certainly, the clips we’ll be seeing over the next couple of days are gong to be Farage v Sturgeon, Farage v BBC, Farage v audience which is exactly what we don;t need.

An isolated Farage with the right wing agenda to himself is a frightening prospect. Many of my close friends, including my partner and members of my close family do not think that Farage’s views on immigration , the International Health Service and the EU are extreme, bigoted or wrong.

Infact, the UKIP manifesto as I read it had some really interesting things to say on pensions, being realistic about funding Pension Wise, proposing a flex on state pensions and making pension cold calling an illegal activity.

Farage has a point of view, not my point of view, but a valid point of view.

The sight of four of the five contestants shaking hands at the end of the debate – but isolating Farage, did not play well with me and if that’s the way the left deals with his concerns, Farage will be quite happy. There are plenty of those on the left who can sign up to parts  of UKIP’s value set.

all in it together


If I’m unhappy about isolating UKIP, I’m pleased to see a strong left wing alliance developing between Labour , the Scottish Nationalists and Plaed Cymru. Unlike the last election , there is credibility behind the economic arguments to regenerate the country through investment.

We have a proper choice between Milliband’s labour, spurred in its intent by the cold wind from the north and the prevailing consensus of the past five years. It should be noted that much of the austerity that we have been promised has yet to arrive, the cake was baked some years ago but it reaches our tables in the next two years.

I don’t want these cuts, not because they are going  to hurt me, but because they target vulnerable people and because I don’t think that economic targets should be prioritised to the degree that the Conservatives want them to be.

I’m also deeply unhappy about the department of pension irresponsibility ripping up much of the good work we’ve achieved on pensions in the past ten years in the pursuance of a policy of mass debt (sorry property ownership).


I hope I’m both radical and consensual- in the true senses of both word. I don’t want to see polarisation of politics with UKIP isolated on the right. I want to see Farage’s views listened to as I want Sturgeon’s and those of the Welsh and Green lobbies.

Whether Liberals work with Labour or with Conservatives, I am comfortable. The polls currently have a combination of these two options co favourites with an SNP supported Labour minority.

As a pension person, I would rather see a coalition that involded Steve Webb and the Liberals than one dominated by politicians who know little about the subject. By an unlucky stroke, all the pension savvy Labour politicians loo

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  1. George Kirrin says:

    After the three female leaders did their “hug”, they all shook hands with Ed Miliband as they exited stage left. Only one of them – Nicola Sturgeon – returned to shake Nigel Farage’s hand. Ed Miliband seemed instead to pat Nigel Farage on the shoulder as they left the stage.

    If Survation’s polls are to be believed, there seems to be a lot of regional variation in popularity ratings, Henry. See http://t.co/knwIZHvq9k

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