Three things I learned from Pitch Boot Camp

the pitch


1. I am getting old

2. I am rubbish at pitching

3. Micros may be pension ignorami but they want to learn!

Thanks for all the kind wishes to me , Andy Walker and the Pension PlayPen as we pitched Pension PlayPen to be in the grand final of Pitch 100 at Bristol.

For those not up to speed with the Pitch. it’s a nationwide competition run by Sift Media and sponsored by the ICAEW, AVC and many others to find Britain’s top entrepreneur of 2014.

We ( ) have made it to the last 30 but I rather muffed my pitch (IMO) and was certainly rubbish compared to some of the kiddies who were pitching some fancy stuff. There was an amazing guy who could get your computer to tell you who to have coffee with and a posh bird selling men’s underwear and a man who had got so fed up paying excess baggage charges that he’d made his own.

So I’m not expecting to get to the final (though we’ll continue to give it our best shot). Being the only Male Stale and Pale in the room, I felt like the embarrassing uncle dancing at the wedding.

But – and this is why I had a spring in my step – when I did my 90 second pitch and advertised our pension service -everyone listened and clapped and came up to me afterwards and wanted my card (which of course I’d forgotten).

I wasn’t selling “fear”, I was selling “best practice” and everyone in that room seemed to aspire to nothing less.

To have the chance to talk to so many young entrepreneurs was great, the event really is a miracle of energy and organisation and I’ve got to recommend it to anyone interested in promoting their business.


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  1. Suzanne McGowan says:

    Well frankly I’m amazed that a ‘bird’ (posh or otherwise) had learned to sell men’s underwear. I understand that our feathered friends have quite small brains although some species of crow have evolved to use rudimentary tools. It must have been quite impressive.

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