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Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

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There are three aspects of Humpty Dumpty’s behaviour to which I would like to draw your attention. Firstly, he was a notorious dandy who liked to show off his finery and this was a sign of his vanity.

Secondly he was very fragile and quite unaware of the vulnerability of his eggshell bone structure.

Thirdly he was extremely ambitious and quite over-extended himself by sitting upon such a high wall.

With even a rudimentary risk assessment, Humpty Dumpty would have remained grounded. Did he take advice? I fear he didn’t. Carried away by his high opinion of himself he ignored his fragility considering himself the apogee of all he surveyed.

So his fall was a long one and his body armour inadequate and despite considerable expense of the Royal human resource, he ended up a broken man.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men


Couldn’t put Humpty together again


Those of us who have spent a year of their university course studying classical tragedy will recognise many of the features of the tragic hero in Humpty, clearly he was well regarded and his death has remained a cause of lamentation to this day.

His demise was over-arching ambition and his nemesis only too obvious.

Despite the obvious historical lessons that Humpty teaches us, I fear his fate is ignored by many, not least the panoply of plastic football teams who seem to be out -Humptying Humpty.

The ridiculous ostentation of messrs Rooney and Suarez (Humpties if ever I saw two) is matched only by the infantilism displayed by the media in giving their antics 24/7 coverage. That their off-field antics should be the subject of this blog demonstrates that not even the Plowman can disregard them.

How different

“little Yeovil”!

It seems that we are now “everyone’s second team” yet I see no discernible difference in the behaviours of messrs Ayling, Madden, Stech, Upson, Edwards, Mcallister and Webster …all of whom I am privileged to follow on Twitter.

While a week of Rooney’s wages could pay Yeovil’s monthly payroll, these fine fellows seem to be enjoying themselves infinitely more than Rooney or the cannibalistic  Suarez.

Our lads seem to be enjoying themselves. If we lose the rest of our matches this season , our sojourn in the championship will have been worth it for those 90 minutes at Millwall and especially the thirty minutes after the final whistle which rank alongside those at Stevenage (gaining our playoff place) the Huish (post Sheffield Utd), Wembley (securing promotion) as some of the happiest of my 16,000 odd days on this planet.

You can dress Humpty up and give him a Royal budget, you can sit him on his wall. But you cannot put the bugger together when he falls and fall he will.

We Glovers know this cannot last, as Darren Fletcher, quipped (while I was putting down the phone) Magic Johnson may be Tragic Johnson by Christmas. But Tragedy only occurs where there is a fall. I see no distance for Gary to fall as he is not on a wall, nor is he dressing himself in finery, nor is he oblivious to the certainty that Yeovil Town cannot go on winning for ever.

And that goes for the rest of us.

So let’s be clear about this. This is the greatest moment we as football fans will ever had. It could all come crashing down at Roots Hall tonight, we might get slaughtered by Birmingham tomorrow but this doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we are happy, thick skinned and grounded. Not like Humpty Dumpty at all!

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  1. Andy Heath says:

    Such wisdom from one so young (only 43.8 years – really?) Would you trust a man with maths like that to advise you on your pension?!

    Good luck to Jovil!

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