A simple way to get rid of violence – well done #ytfc


Yeovil Town are twenty minutes into their first ever game in the second tier of English Football, the score is 0-0 and their 891 fans are in the away end at the New Den – home of Millwall FC (no one likes them, they don’t care!).

The chant starts at the back and spreads downwards to the front of the top terrace where we were sitting

You’re not scarey any more
You’re not scarey any more
You’re not scarey any more
You’re not scarey any more

The Millwall fans to our left who had been waving their arms with the usual theatrical gestures went quiet – and then started laughing. There really wasn’t much space for violence after that!


Not that anyone wanted a fight on a lovely early August Saturday afternoon. The Yeovil fans who had generally been held up in traffic (ever heard of the £15 summer super saver on the train?) had arrived ready for the worst.

I chatted with a bunch who had dumped cars at Richmond and were changing at Peckham Rye for South Bermondsey, an alien world for them- from Warminster. Somerset is wonderful- but South London can be too! It was great for everyone to see a part of London where so many communities get on well with each other (something that doesn’t always happen in the west country.

After the match I chatted with the Millwall fans who despite calling me a Wurzel, were happy to share a beer with us and talk through the game.

When we sang that song, it was becoming clear that we had earned our place at the Championship table and we could stand our ground on and off the field.

We went on to win 1-0 and are famously the only club in the world with a 100% record in the championship – may this continue after the Birmingham game next Saturday.


After getting home and having a can of beer I switched on 606 on Radio 5 live. It was all about Suarez and Rooney and trophy stuff from the Premier League;- but this was our day- Football League day. I phoned in and got straight on.

If you go to the back of this raido podcast ……. it’s at the 40th minute!


you can hear me telling anyone within earshot how Michael Ngoo is the new Kanu, how Johnson was a genius for substituting Madden at half time and what a great thing it is to be a Glover at this hour.

Well done Yeovil, well done the manager, the players and the fans. Well done to Millwall too!

The only violence was in our heads – and it turned – it’s not scarey anymore!



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