We are Yeovil!

Topless yeovil

Ee Aye Ee Aye Ee Aye oh!

Up the football league we go!

Yeovil Town, predicted to be second bottom of Football League One have guaranteed themselves a promotion place after a brilliant second half performance saw them take all three points from Stevenage yesterday.

This from a team that couldn’t get a shirt sponsor at the start of the season (see topless pic above)!yeovil v wallsll

Incidentally congratulations to Walsall, picked to be bottom who made their way into the play off places yesterday at the expense of Swindon (ha ha ha!).

But Saturday 13th April belonged to Yeovil Town Football Club!

Thanks Mikeskunz1

Thanks to Mike Kunz for this one

The moments Sam Foley and James Hayter scored at the away end yesterday will keep me going all week and the couple of minutes after the game when King Gary Johnson and the whole team whooped it up for us was ruddy brilliant.

The only reason , there are spare seats shown in the photo was that this was a Yeovil Saturday and it was pissing down with rain! We did a pretty good job of ramming the rest of the stand.

If you reckon there’s something to our slogan “achieve by unity”, check out #ytfc on twitter this morning.


Yeovil is a small club and there’s not much else to support in Somerset (wonderful) or Dorset (where I came from). Our fans don’t fight or get arrested because we’ve got better things to do.

We’ve got the best keeper in the league. (aww)

 Market stech

And we’ve got Paddy Madden (unbelievable)

Paddy Madden

Which is what happens when a brilliant bloke (Terry Skiverton) agrees to work for a brilliant manager (King Gary Johnson) , to get the players and fans together to have fun and achieve promotion.

GJ and Fans

You won’t have this fun watching Chelsea and Man City this afternoon and you won’t get the nonsense from the Millwall fans at yesterday’s game.

Thanks too to all our rivals for messing things up


If you want to see football played the way it should be , then support  the Glovers in the playoffs!

Ytfc needs you

When we get promoted

This is what we’ll sing

We are Yeovil

We are  Yeovil

Gary is our King!

 ytfx celebration

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