Don’t worry – be happy!


“It’s a worry – such a worry..”

Like mother Hen I was clucking around the farmyard worrying about auto-enrolment.

“Calm down Plowman” – I told myself, it might never happen, as yet the sky has not fallen on my head nor has the Government made a total cock of it like they did with stakeholder. The worries about means-testing are disappearing over the hill hand in hand with the new flat rate pension and it looks like we’re finally going to know what we’re buying once the ABI 14 get to grips with disclosure and the RDR and OFT stamp out the last embers of mis-selling.

In short, everything in the farmyard should be Rosey, like Rosa the dog..

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Excuse this brief indulgence but this is a blog, it is Saturday and this photo reminds me of sunny summer evenings in the country.

Back to the worrisome tale of old mother Hen. I worry about these rules, the hokey-cokey of in’s and out’s , payroll reference period alignment and sub-optimal decision making. I wake in muck sweats at the thought of “seal-culling” of hapless retirees.

Were I not to worry, were others not to worry, we would see no change and the glacial flows would lead us to “poor outcomes!”

But as I type, the sun is rising over Melbury Hill and the snow melting from the driveway of my parent’s house in Shaftesbury. Soon I will be walking above Berwick St John with Rosa the Dog and my mother and we will have lunch with Greg, Ollie and my father in the Talbot.

We live in a beautiful country, most of us are affluent and worry, some of us are poor and worry but a few of us are happy because we do not worry, we simply enjoy things as they are and determine to make the future better.

That’s today’s desideratum have a great weekend.


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  1. dawnwaterman says:

    Hi just seen the picture of Greg.. He used to flat share with my husband Kevin… Please pass on my email – it would be great to touch base with an old friend

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