Blue is the colour

Unless of course you are Scottish.

City’s injury time miracle was played out on our iPhones as we watched the World Sevens at Twickenham..Chelsea‘s eleventh hour heist in a Brentford pub.

The blue and white hoops of Reading go up, those of QPR stay up and the stripes of Wednesday smile down on Utd , struggling to get past the blues of  Huddersfield.


It seems “written in the Stars” certainly if you are our Gary who used this phrase so often that he was banned from using it again in the second half. Gary got so excited that he used it again and again and again, each time with an apology but no less annoying for that. His euphemisms “their name’s on the cup” and “it was meant to be” were little better.

Fortunately, we have a lasting testament to the drama in Alan Green‘s magnificent commentary “come on Didier” will surely become a defining in his career.

These random thoughts are about all that I can summon up this morning. Yesterday gave us Frankel the Wonderhorse winning th Lockinge at Newbury, the obnoxious Sam Allardyce showing us just why we like Roberto Matteo and Mr Holloway so much better (thumbs down to West Ham’s arrogant assumption of premiership status). Saturday gave us Leinster trouncing Ulster (and no Ulster did not put up a fight), it saw Stuart Broad nearly get his hat-trick a day at a time. Saturday saw more sport than I could properly digest and what you are reading  is it’s half eaten scraps sitting like our breakfasts, not knowing where to go from here.

On that unpleasant thought, I will shut up and consider the purchase of a bicycle for my son, so I can get him off the couch and doing something positive.

When the summer comes.

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  1. Stuart says:

    “Blue is the colour
    Unless of course you are Scottish”

    …. or Welsh!

  2. Alan Green’s “Come on, Didier!” commentary was Legendary about biased for the right reasons

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