It’s Darwinism Joey, but not as we know it.


Its Darwinism……….right in front of your very eyes……….or TV screens!

This from the twitter feed of my learned friend Mr Joseph Barton , sage of Loftus Road t/as @Joey7Barton.

It is not just Neil Warnock who is losing his managerial position this mild Monday morning, down in Somerset, Terry Skiverton is preparing for a press conference that will announce he is stepping aside to allow Gary Johnson to return to the management of Yeovil Town FC.

In a sense, this is Darwinism, the process of natural selection that sees the weak go to the wall and the cream rise to the top. What suggests anything creamy in Gary’s stays at Bristol City and Northampton escapes me but no doubt the Lords of Huish have decreed a return to the glory days of yesteryear and Gary is the talismanic catalyst. No doubt QPR will return to their pre-ordained position of Premier League domination so long as Warnock who is solely responsible for their recent run of bad form, leaves the building.

In another sense, we are looking here at the exact opposite of Darwinism. As far as I know, the Galapagos did not host a bunch of football-chairman- like-masterdons

Joey Barton heading a ball during a match in 2004.

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capable of ousting anything at the top of the food chain who hadn’t guzzled sufficient giant turtles. Indeed the missing element in Joseph’s equation is time, since the evolution of species was worked out over millenia and not the course of a football league season.

As it happens @henryhtapper is a Yeovil fan, while his assistant, the glamorous @marina_sanders1 is a devotee of QPR. Brought together by a common managerial bond , we have issued  a joint statement on the current state of play –  sadly too verbose for twitter.

The wider application of Darwinism to management theory is very much dependent on the observation of trends over time. Over time we can see for instance that certain behaviours make for success in business and certain behaviours don’t. Sacking football managers mid-season, changing assumption mid-valuations, changing horses in mid-stream. We see patterns from nature over time but clearly are powerless to learn from others mistakes.

Furthermore, we conclude that it is possible to make spectacular discoveries from Joseph’s recent statements on twitter but especially on his recent work.

In his observation on Darwinism Joey Barton proves himself the missing-link




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