Australia squeeze home against South Africa at the Wanderers

 For posterity, here is the last page of ESPNcricinfo’s wonderful commentary of the last overs of the Jo’burg test twixt the Saffers and the Aussies.


South Africa 266 & 339

Australia 296 & 310/8 (86.5 ov)

Australia won by 2 wickets

  • Australia RR3.57
  • Last 10 ovs 54/2 RR 5.40
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Current time: 17:16 local, 15:16 GMT Test career
  Batsmen Runs B 4s 6s SR This bowler Last 10 ovs     Mat Runs HS Ave    
  *Pat Cummins (rhb) 13 15 2 0 86.66 4 (3b) 13 (15b)     1 15 13* 15.00    
  Mitchell Johnson (lhb) 40 47 6 0 85.10 15 (17b) 21 (21b)     47 1287 123* 21.81    
  Bowlers O M R W Econ 0s 4s 6s This spell     Mat Wkts BBI Ave    
  *Imran Tahir (lbg) 15.5 0 63 1 3.97 56 5 0 0.5-0-5-0     2 4 3/55 38.25    
  Dale Steyn (rf) 23.0 1 98 1 4.26 94 12 1 3-0-18-1     48 249 7/51 23.15    

Recent overs 1 4 . W . 3 | . . 1wd 1 2 1 1 | . 4 . . . . | . 1 . . 4


Current partnership 18 runs, 3.1 overs, RR: 5.68 (Johnson 4, Cummins 13)


Last Bat PM Siddle c Imran Tahir b Steyn 4 (7m 7b 1×4 0x6) SR: 57.14

Fall of wicket: 292/8 (83.4 ov); Partnership: 5 runs, 1.2 overs, RR: 3.75 (Johnson 1, Siddle 4)


Umpire reviews remaining Australia 1 (0 successful, 1 unsuccessful); South Africa 0 (0 successful, 2 unsuccessful)

You thought Cape Town was extraordinary? Johannesburg suppressed a quiet snigger and gave us this. How does one even begin to explain what we have seen today! Australia were down for the count, with Ponting, a shade of what he used to be, trying hard to piece together an innings. He got partial redemption, but couldn’t finish things. Haddin got redemption, but still SA seemed set to take the win. Mitch had his redemption too, but it was down to that giggly babyface of a champion in the making to seal the win. What. A. Game.”Oh my god! Is this the most remarkable test match in history? Khawaja’s first 50, Ponting, Haddin under IMMENSE pressure, then Johnson, Philander getting second 5 for in a row, and the 18 year old sensation with the winning runs after a 6 for! THAT’S why these two are the best cricketing nations,” says Timmy.
86.5 Imran Tahir to Cummins, FOUR, 82.1 kph, There’s Cummins and there’s goings! Australia have levelled the series. Tahir loses control and delivers a marginally short ball, and Cummins carts it away through midwicket for four. That huge smile is in place, Cummins pumps his fists and runs into Mitch and gives him a bear hug. Langer and the rest of the Aussie balcony go up in unison. Australia are back …… and the series is over.
86.4 Imran Tahir to Cummins, no run, 86.4 kph, I have seen everything now! Cummins leaves a ball barely half a foot outside off. No. 10 on debut leaves a ball alone. In this situation. Test cricket, you little beauty!
86.3 Imran Tahir to Cummins, no run, 83.5 kph, Huge appeal for lbw, given not out and it is referred. Googly from Tahir, it lands well outside off but turns in sharply. Cummins did well to thrust the front pad outside the line, though he missed it. Two reds light up, but he was hit a couple of inches outside the line! Lyon has a minor heart attack in the dressing room! Spare a thought for him!
The field comes in as if this is a grand vulture party. Slip and short leg are the catchers, and there’s short cover.
86.2 Imran Tahir to Johnson, 1 run, 81.7 kph, too short, Mitch quietly goes back in the crease and pushes a single into the covers. Four to win!
Round the stumps now.
86.1 Imran Tahir to Johnson, no run, 81.7 kph, googly on off stump and breaking away, Mitch quietly plays it to the off side.
Where did this come from? Imran Tahir has a ball. Boy, this is more bizarre than that spaceship landing we were taking of. Five to win, the field is back, there’s a slip. Over the stumps.
End of over 86(4 runs) Australia 305/8

PJ Cummins   9* (12b 1×4)   DW Steyn   23-1-98-1
MG Johnson   39* (45b 6×4)   VD Philander   20-3-70-5
85.6 Steyn to Cummins, no run, 138.6 kph, beaten outside off now Is there anything else that can happen in this over? Typical Steyn ball, shapes in, lands on off stump and lurches away. Cummins drives down the ground, but the ball keeps going away and misses the edge.
85.5 Steyn to Cummins, no run, 140.8 kph, boy, he’s the Dr. Jekyll and the Mr. Hyde of batting! Short ball outside off, he goes for a mindless pull and misses this time.
85.4 Steyn to Cummins, no run, 142.2 kph, another short ball. Cummins is too tall to be bounced out, he again stands tall and forces it down to the leg side.
They are taking for ever setting the field. Short leg is Amla, as a run-saving position almost. Two slips too.
85.3 Steyn to Cummins, no run, 139.0 kph, beaten outside off! Cummins attempts a big booming cover drive now, but the ball lands wide and keeps swinging away past his shot. Five to win, they are a shot away now.
85.2 Steyn to Cummins, FOUR, 136.4 kph, dropped! Dropped by Steyn! The world’s best fast bowler drops the most promising young fast bowler. What a moment! Full ball on off stump, Cummins was early on the drive and went hard at it, it flew past Steyn to his left. He couldn’t get the hands around in time. Tahir ran back all the way and put in the slide, but he couldn’t save the boundary cleanly.
85.1 Steyn to Cummins, no run, 139.3 kph, wide of off stump, it swings away from there but Cummins seems to have some idea of which ones to play at. He leaves this one.
Cummins wasn’t even close to being born when the last of the two tied Tests was played … Here we go, Steyn runs in.
End of over 85(6 runs) Australia 301/8

PJ Cummins   5* (6b)   VD Philander   20-3-70-5
MG Johnson   39* (45b 6×4)   DW Steyn   22-1-94-1
84.6 Philander to Cummins, 1 run, 133.2 kph, full ball on the pads, Cummins keeps his cool once again and works a single off the pads. The target is down to single figures.
84.5 Philander to Johnson, 1 run, 131.8 kph, Australia have 300! Mitch gets width outside off and drives square for a controlled single to the deep.
84.4 Philander to Johnson, 2 runs, 130.7 kph, Mitch gets two more, Vernon is looking for the outside edge as he angles one across, and Mitch laces it into the covers for a couple. Morn is not nearly quick enough to cut the second run.
84.3 Philander to Cummins, 1 run, 131.0 kph, on the pads now, Cummins keeps his cool to works it around wide of mid-on for another single.
84.3 Philander to Cummins, 1 wide, 130.7 kph, Vernon thuds the bouncer in too short, Boucher takes off into the sky to collect it and save some extras. It is called a wide.
84.2 Philander to Cummins, no run, 131.0 kph, a pearl of an outswinger, completely wasted on Cummins. Landed on a length outside off and went away as if inspired by drugs! Cummins was at least a foot away from edging it, though he played a proper air stroke.
84.1 Philander to Cummins, no run, 129.6 kph, short ball from Vernon, he’s looking to bounce Cummins out now, but Cummins stays on the back foot and plays to the leg side.
Philander continues… Boy, what a Test match this is! Four seasons of the IPL couldn’t provide anything like this.
End of over 84(8 runs) Australia 295/8

PJ Cummins   3* (2b)   DW Steyn   22-1-94-1
MG Johnson   36* (43b 6×4)   VD Philander   19-3-64-5
83.6 Steyn to Cummins, 3 runs, 137.2 kph, leading edge, and it nearly goes all the way to the cover boundary! Cummins was looking to drive, but the ball seemed to deviate away from the straight and took the edge to bound away towards deep cover. Despite Mitch’s problems, they get three, which means Cummins will face …
83.5 Steyn to Cummins, no run, 142.2 kph, fast and short, aimed at the ribs, and Cummins does really well to climb atop the bounce and play it down to the leg side.
Cummins walks out on debut, he’s played one Test but already has a lot to tell his grandkids about his Test career. Three slips.
83.4 Steyn to Siddle, OUT, 138.6 kph, Steyn has a wicket. All is well with the world. Siddle is gone to a super soft dismissal. Full, fast, straight, Siddle probably knew what was coming, he was back in the crease and got his bat down in time to save the pads, but ended up scooping it to Tahir at silly mid-on. Tahir takes the dolly with aplomb, Steyn goes berserk, and Siddle just jogs away…
  PM Siddle c Imran Tahir b Steyn 4 (7m 7b 1×4 0x6) SR: 57.14
83.3 Steyn to Siddle, no run, 138.9 kph, short and wide of off stump, Siddle can’t hold back! He has an ugly heave away from the body, but can’t reach.
83.2 Steyn to Siddle, FOUR, 139.0 kph, Siddle’s driven him to the fence! The field is in, Steyn wants the wicket and bowls a full ball on the pads, Siddle holds his nerve and rolls the wrists to send it packing through midwicket. 18 to win.
Nathan Lyon doesn’t look like the sort of man eager to walk out for a bat. Steyn pulls out of the run up, third man goes finer. Three slips …
83.1 Steyn to Johnson, 1 run, 140.0 kph, angled in at blistering pace, Mitch hops and fends in order to protect his elbow and gets a single into the midwicket area.
“Who would be more nervous at the moment – Pat Cummins, or the ICC at the prospect of the umpires going off for bad light with 2 runs or 1 wicket needed for the win.” Interesting thought, Jimmy.Round the stumps.
Commentator Nitin Sundar | Scorer Binoy George

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