Global command post???

Where in the World Is Osama Bin Laden?

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Apparently no 32 Acacia Avenue, Abbattobad was global command centre for Al Quaeda. It was equipped with a video recorder and Bin Laden knew how to operate a remote control.

Reports earlier this week suggest that Bin Laden went out, would take a goat in his car.

No 32 did not have access to the internet nor had a phone line.

Now at the risk of calling down the wrath of American and British secret services, would these facts not suggest that Al Qaeda was a crackpot organisation jihadding a laugh.

Sooner or later, someone in America is going to work out that this audacious attack was the equivalent of attacking Bruce Forsyth on the Wentworth Estate.

The Americans managed to crash a helicopter, waking up a number of neighbours in the process. Having fought their way bedroom to bedroom they managed to kill an unarmed Bin Laden , shoot one of his “couriers” and injure one of his wives in the leg.

Apparently, Bin Laden resisted the Americans. To be frank I don’t blame him. If someone came into my bedroom in the middle of the night with the intent of killing me in cold blood I too would object.

The Americans are now trying to big-up Bin Laden by issuing some voiceless videos of him watching videos of himself delivering messages of terror.

But there has been no explanation why this genius terrorist was unprepared,unprotected and living in a compound with three wives a couple of couriers and a goat

 Bin Laden the bogey man – don’t make me laugh. Global terror – don’t make me laugh.

Of all the conspiracy theories floating about, the only one that makes any sense is that Western Governments have been able to enforce control of their populations through the suppression of human rights and the promotion of general paranoia. They’ve done so because Bin Laden and his boys were presumed to be supermen, operating super sophisticated terrorist cells.

We’ve been sold a pup. The arrest of Bin Laden is revealing an uncomfortable truth – we were terrified of a couple of couriers, an old beardie boy and a goat holed up in a middle class suburb of an Islamabad suburb.

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