Blessed by God- a cracking weekend

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A couple of things happened this weekend which have touched me, they seem to be connected by football.

Firstly, Yeovil Town‘s virtuous winger Andy Welsh had a little daughter Lilly and that afternoon celebrated by knocking in the equaliser that keeps us in League One for another season. Andy’s twitter tag is “blessedbyGod” and boy has he been this weekend.

Secondly I had the privilege of watching cracking football including the City win at Wembley which , though I am not a City fan, made my heart beat with a pride for the blues. What cracking fans.

And if that wasn’t enough, Stoke stuck five past Bolton to  get to the Cup Final on the 18th. Their fans are, if match can be found, the match for City’s and it’s fit and proper that the Final will be contested by teams who, despite the Abu Dhabi and Bet 365 money, are still fan’s clubs. The FA cup is the fan’s contest and all the better for not having Chelsea, Man U or Arsenal in it.

I leave Liverpool out of that list as they are a great club with great fans and a great manager. I don’t know what he said to Wenger when he dipped his shoulder at him this evening but I’m sure most of the nation would have approved.

To cap it all, as I was musing over all these wondrous things, shared with my wondrous son, I had the pleasure of travelling up to Leeds with Chris Kamara, a lovely man who is rightly regarded in the best of lights by all football fans. To chat with him about everything from his skipping race on soccer am on Saturday to Fergie‘s decision to include Rio and exclude Giggs was a fantastic result for the boy.

So , though I am not sure how, I concur  with Andy: – this weekend, in so many ways, has been #BlessedbyGod!

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