Sian Massey is welcome at the Huish

King garyIn a thoughtful article in this morning’s NOTW, Gary Lineker talks of the added pressure on Sian Massey as a league referee. He’s right, sheltered by the crowd, many fans will think it funny to make her life uncomfortable.

I don’t speak for other fans or for Yeovil Town Football Club but I’d be surprised and disappointed if she got any sexist chants from the Blackthorn Stand or any other part of Huish Park.

For one thing our stands are packed with kids and women as well as us boys and the kids and women are every bit as vocal as we are.

For another thing, we don’t tolerate violence, racism or sexist nonsense and if it happens we stamp it out ourselves.

For a third thing, no matter how badly Sian refereed, she could never be worse than Trevor Kettle.

Football has changed for the better over the past twenty years and especially so down in wonderful Somerset. My early days were spent watching Bournemouth one week and Southampton the next.

Earlier this season I took my Mum to a game at Huish Park for the first time in her life – she loved it, loved the friendly atmosphere, she chatted with the people sitting around us and came away from the ground with a different view of football.

There is no place for Keys and Gray’s nonsense – I wrote earlier in the week that they had done woman’s football a favour. The real test for football will be to see how fans, rather than pundits, treat Sian Massey, Gaby Login, Jacqui Oatley, Karen Brady and Sophie Hicks who have made a difference to our game over the past few years.

I’d have preferred Keys and Gray to have stayed – they may become martyrs to the morons and I’d like to have seen them taking the stick from viewers and from the terraces.

But it’s much more important that Sian Massey is welcomed back as soon as possible and that she’s treated with the respect she deserves.

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  2. sipphound says:

    Well said, Henry. Football should belong to the decent masses, not the ignorant and hateful. I was put off football many years ago in good part by violent, racist, nationalist thugs who used matches as a fixture list for mindless behaviour – I thought it was supposed to be a game to enjoy. Standing up to such attitudes isn’t easy (and at times it’s not advisable) but decent people must try to make their voice heard.

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