Public Sector Pensions-a balanced view?

The Tuc have issued a statement entitled “TUC explodes Public sector Pension Myths” at:-

I’m far from convinced.

The central argument is that Public Sector pensions only cost us 1.5% (rising to 2% of GDP) which is less than state pensions.

The TUC’s communication is disingenuous- public sector pensions cover a small proportion of the UK adult population but account for nearly as much as the state pensions that cover all of us. They cost council tax payers and income tax payers substantial sums.

I would like to see just how much on a per capita basis.

When that figure is worked out perhaps we can compare it with the average personal contribution to people’s own pensions or perhaps the average projected personal contribution into personal accounts.

I would not be surprised if a substantial proportion of the UK population are contributing more into other people’s public sector pensions than their own. There’s no opt-out on that and it’s hitting the low earning householder hardest.

The TUC should not be hiding behind percentages of GDP which is meaningless to the average person, they should be examining the social consequences of a two tier pension scheme in a balanced fashion.

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