Lady Lucy in Henley day one

It didn’t rain- well it hardly rained!

That’s a positive

The river does strange things to your sense of time and place since the compass of your travel is limited to a narrow band of water threading through the countryside.

Henley is much the same as it ever was, it is showing no intention of changing or wanting to change, no real interest in the weather except where it impacts on the steam in the river and the times of the boats.

Henley , as a rowing regatta , is a celebration of rowing first and foremost.

Those of us privileged to watch athletes competing at the top of their game, are give free access to all parts other than the racing course itself.

We chug up and down alongside eights from Eton and Harvard, we exchange pleasantries with the great and the good of the rowing fraternity without the least idea of who they are.

On the booms, the boom president Rodney Bewes was much in evidence, boom numbers grow during the week and are impacted by conditions- the boom boats generally being open to the elements.

We moored this year at Hambledon, alongside a 740Hp Broom owned by a a chirpy cockney lad who seemed to have dedicated his life to cleaning his boat (and not much else),

We ate fine food, great salads from Amanda, fabulous pies from Julia, fine cheeses from Claire and steaming mussels from Jenny. Wine was drunk in some quantities.

As for the racing, well the times were slow, the stream high and it being the first day we saw few great races. But heh- this is Henley- row on day 2.

One thing I forgot to mention0 Day 1 crew- you were crew of the week!!

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