Fifty not out – to Choggia and beyond

To those who consider 50 a distant memory, I salute your sagacity, for those for whom 50 is a way away, I applaud your vivacity but from where I am sitting, overlooking the Rialto Bridge on a crisp November morning with a rich Italian coffee and a beautiful English rose by my side, I wish everyone my happiness!

The business of congratulating someone for reaching a certain age may seem to you a little odd. The industry that surrounds ageing creams, health and fitness spas and the cult of youth has put a downer on the proper business of growing up.

Now that I am 50, I will do what all good batsmen do, raise my bat, take the plaudits of the crowd (such as it is) and get my head down for the next fifty.

In the meantime, here is a risky limerick devised on our epic journey across the Lido .

I once had a lodger from Choggia

Who wed an codger called Roger

When I asked her why

She made this reply

“It’s down to his wonderful todger“.

Choggia, as well as being a wonderful rhyme, is where Pepin, Charlemagne‘s son, ran aground with his Genoese fleet on his way to sack Venice. It is worth a visit and I’m grateful to Mr Andrew Young for his recommendation.

Getting across the Lido involves a combination of walking, boating and bussing. Below is a visual record of Stella and my journey to Choggia and beyond.

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