#Accidentallybrokenwindowgate -the full story from #TMS

New-man Prior top-edges for three – fast feet from Belly – but he’s gone now, run out by a mile after Bell sends him back. Was there a run there? Bell had missed with a sweep and the ball rebounded away off Jayawardene‘s pads, but only 10 feet away – the keeper pulled off his right glove, hoovered up the ball and threw down the timbers.

Now then – moments after Prior goes into the dressing-room, a window in the dressing-room appears to be broken. Big old hole, right next to a bat. MCC members peer myopically at the shattered pane; KP leans over the side of the balcony to inspect with a cartoon shrug.

BBCTest Match Special‘s Henry Blofeld   “Throwing a bat through a window is immaturity, don’t you think? Does the match referee step into this situation?”

Reports reaching us of glass on heads of members. Sounds painful

ECB statement about Accidentallybrokenwindowgate: blah blah, Prior threw glove which bounced off kitbag and into some bats which then fell onto window and broke it blah blah. Won’t be fined by team management. Reminds me of that board game Mousetrap (other over-complicated games involving the trapping of plastic mammals also available etc). Never could get that properly set up as young man. Think it was the bit with the plastic diver going into the little pot of water which used to scupper.

From Dave in Chorley: “When the moustachioed maestro Keith Twentyman committed a similar act of vandalism after being run out in Carlisle 2nd XIs defeat at Egremont a few years back, he emerged from the dressing room full of apologies in nothing but a jock strap. Having not seen any pictures,did this happen today also as normal protocol for such occasions?”

Hearing a new explanation of Priorglassgate now. Apparently Prior put bat on ledge where wall met the window. Handle bounced off wall, glass broke. The plot thickens.

By the way the latest Prior line about the bat on the ledge came straight from England coach Andy Flower and the ECB have withdrawn their original statement. You couldn’t make it up!

Some scepticism, I’ll be honest, about the latest version of events in Accidentallybrokenwindowgate. Questions for the defence: why was it the top window that was broken if a bat was leaned against the lower one? How hard would you have to lean a bat to break glass? Will the lady member with the cut ankle make it through til dawn?

“I trust that the ECB will be at panes to ensure the inquest into “windowgate” is entirely transparent?”

However he actually did it, and we may never quite find out how, Matt Prior has apologised to a female spectator after breaking the dressing-room window.

But all this pales into insignificance relative to #Aggersgate. Listen to the BBC version of how to apply a bat rubber on the handle



England intent on repeating the ruthlessness of Cardiff victory (independent.co.uk)

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